Bipolar Disorder

Defining bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder, which is sometimes referred to as manic depression, causes unpredictable shifts in mood and energy levels. The two poles refer to a manic state and a depressive state.

The manic state is a period of elevated energy and mood. This can last anywhere from a day to many months. When the manic state is over, the person will then enter a depressive state with lower energy, which can also be of varying lengths.

How treatment helps bipolar disorder

For anyone who is living with bipolar disorder and who is not already diagnosed, the first step to recognizing symptoms, controlling mood and more is to start work with a therapist who can help identify and understand the feelings and troubling personal experiences. Treatment for bipolar disorder is often long-term with ongoing therapies and medical solutions determined by each person’s treatment team.

Therapies for bipolar disorder include medications and talk therapy. Medications can prevent the drastic swings of mood and energy in many patients. Stabilizing these swings and discussing strategies on how to react when unexpected mood swings happen, can help give patients relief from symptoms and make a regular daily routine more possible.

Treatment of bipolar disorder by psychiatrists and psychologists

Those with bipolar disorder will likely benefit from therapeutic intervention to help relieve ongoing symptoms that are disruptive to living a fully productive and healthy life. Both psychiatrists and psychologists are licensed to provide treatments to those suffering from this disorder. As mentioned above, more times than not, a combination of psychological and psychiatric help are the most impactful.

In this case, a psychologist would be available to perform in-depth therapies with each patient and a psychiatrist would be available to work with the patient to identify the best potential mood-stabilizing drug on the market. When working with these experts, many patients find it more convenient to see their team in the same space.

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